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This Too Is Vanity
By: Pastor Marcus Marshall
We can learn a lot from King Solomon. He was one of the wisest men in the Bible; arguably the second wisest, behind Jesus of course. In his book, Ecclesiastes 5:10, he wrote: “He who loves money will not be satisfied with money, nor he who love abundance with its income. This too is vanity.
Satisfaction has really been on my mind lately. What makes you most satisfied? Personally, I had to learn that my satisfaction needs to come from Jesus, and nothing else. I would look for satisfaction from other thingsL the gym, girls, money, and other things. Those thing gave me satisfaction for a little time, but those things either left me hurt or wanting more. I had to come to the point where Jesus is all I need. I’m not saying I’m satisfied with my walk with Him… That will always need work. Here’s what I’m saying, I’m satisfied in Jesus because He is my all. If you look for satisfaction from the world, it’ll leave you empty and dry. You’ll always more money, more cars, more sex, more more more… Drake and Future did a song that basically says, they are never satisfied with the money and the women. They have everything, materialistically, but they are still never satisfied. I see girls trying to find satisfaction from guys, and vice versa, but they end up hurt and broken. We look for satisfaction in ALL the wrong places.
This topic has really been on my heart, take it as you will. But, don’t look for satisfaction from the world, it’ll leave you empty. Look to Jesus for your ultimate satisfaction. He will never leave you, nor forsake you. He will supply you will His living water, and you will never run dry… But, you have to be drawing close to Him, spending time with Him, and working to be like Him.