Ron and Becky Vogt

I was born in Phoenix AZ & have lived in AZ my entire life.  I was raised in somewhat Christian family, as we attended a Baptist Church for a time in my childhood.  But after that I had no other biblical upbringing.  My parents were married until I was approximately 16 years old, when they separated & I went to live with my father.  I graduated from High School; got married & had a son.  Unfortunately that marriage lasted less than two years, & I ended up raising my son as a single parent until my son was 12.  

While I was raising my son I went to a 4-year sheet Metal Apprenticeship & became a Sheet Metal Worker & started my career as a stainless steel restaurant equipment installer & remodeler.  I did that for 20 years down in the Valley & traveling all over the United States.

I met my wife, Becky in 1989 & we started our life together with each of us having a 12 year old son at the time.  Becky was attending a church already & I started joining her; however, I never felt anything pulling me to the Lord, as it was a very large facility & I didn’t feel like I was being fed.

We moved up to Show Low in 1999 & I had to change my career, as I could not make a living installing stainless steel kitchen equipment.  I started working for a local construction company & learned a new trade – working for them for about two years.  Then I started my own construction company in 2002.  My company has grown from just doing decks & awnings, to room additions & all phases of remodeling & construction.

After a couple of years living in the White Mountains, we decided to start looking for a new church.  We weren’t fining what we were looking for, when we happened to meet Armour Gomez & he told us he was an Assistant Pastor at the Calvary Chapel in Lakeside.  We started attending that church in 2006 & attended until mid 2012.  At that time we tried out a couple of other churches, but ultimately we started coming to Calvary Chapel Snowflake (CCS) November 2012.  

Coming to CCS has been a life-changing experience for me.  I have grown so much closer to the Lord & I now understand what having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ means!  This is the first time in my life that I have ever felt the love of the Lord in a church body & I know I have found my ‘Home’.  I was approached about becoming a Deacon in July 2014, & I was excited & blessed for the opportunity to serve the Lord in this capacity,  I have enjoyed serving as a Deacon & I look forward to continued service.

I accepted Jesus as my Lord & Savior in March 2009 & have never looked back!!