Richard and Corey Anderson

Hello, my name Is Richard Anderson.  I grew up in Albuquerque, NM in a gang infested area.   It was a hard place to grow up. I got in fights all of the time and I hated who I was. My grandparents loved me enough to teach me who Jesus was at a very young age, but through time I lost all faith and started to live in a very dark place. At the age of eighteen I got jumped by some gang members and a gun was pulled on me. I quit school, started drinking heavily and smoked enough pot to not care anymore. My uncle recognized what was happening and invited me to work at his restaurant and finish High School here in Pinetop. I met my wife Corinne in that same restaurant. I saw something amazing in her, she was going to college, completely independent, and very smart. She saw something in me I could never see in myself and we got married in 1996. I continued to live the life I grew up with and it caused problems in our home. My wife grew tired of the life we lived, and found salvation through Christ in 2001. We had our children shortly after.  I still tried to live my life in self-destruct mode and do my own thing. I was having a hard time with myself, I was a horrible Husband and definitely failing at being a Dad. I became a person I thought I never would have become. Things continued to spiral out of control and I finally reached my rock bottom, almost losing my family in the process.   I truly felt all was hopeless. I don’t remember the exact words, but I know I got on my knees and asked God to save me. I messed everything up and I hurt the very people I thought I would never hurt. Since then, God has fully restored our family and He has been the center of our lives ever since. I live a miracle every day. I was once told “You don’t know how much you need Jesus until he is all you have.’’ I am certainly an example of that and never take His grace, healing, and salvation for granted.