Durrone Schuler

Pastor DurroneDurrone and his wife Trena have been walking with the Lord for more than forty of their forty six years together. They have been active in a variety of ministries since receiving Jesus Christ as their Savior in 1971. Besides serving in their home churches through the years, they have been active in nationally recognized Youth Seminars, as well as Prison Ministries.

Durrone and Trena moved to Snowflake from Seattle, where Durrone retired from the Boeing Company as a flight line electrician in 2009. They have four daughters, ten grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. As a Pastor, Durrone is realizing his dream to serve the Lord and His people full time. He serves as the Administrative Assistant Pastor, teaches the High School Christian Studies class, and also teaches in the Children’s Church. In his spare time, Durrone is a prize winning author, currently working on his second novel. He does not believe in retirement!