David Ordonez

David OrdonezMy name is David Ordoñez. I grew up in the Catholic faith and for many years didn’t go to any church. I eventually got married and started my own family. I always told my wife that we didn’t have to go to any church. I thought that churches were full of hypocrites. One day my oldest daughter asked me, “Why don’t we go to church? All of my friends go to church.” My answer was that we didn’t need to go to church because we are all God’s children. But her words stuck in my mind. Little by little we started to look for God.

Later on a couple of Jehovah Witnesses started to visit us and read us the bible. After a while, I started to feel that I was listening to the wrong doctrine because deep inside my heart I had the seed that an American man from El Paso,Texas named Brother Parker had planted when I was young. He used to go visit our town and read the Bible to my family. Even though I only heard him a couple of times, I could feel that he was preaching the truth. But I was young and ignored him because I wanted to live my life the way I wanted.

Soon we decided to no longer study with the Jehovah witnesses. One Christian brother started giving us Bible Studies. In that matter of time, I could see that he had the same doctrine as the American man that took the Word to my house in Mexico. After some time of studying the Bible, I decided to give my life to Jesus Christ.

If you’d like to get in touch with David, his phone number is (928) 243-2775.